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  • Understand many theories and models, choose from among them appropriately, and apply them effectively.


EDTEC 671: Learning Environment Design
Project: Individualized Instruction – Introduction to Financial Recordkeeping (Website, UDUTU)


Context and Project Description

This artifact was part of the assignment for EDTEC 671 Learning Environment Design. We were required to create an individualized instruction of our choice to be delivered as a web-based learning object.  I developed an introductory tutorial on Financial Recordkeeping for use by the members of our local chamber of commerce. The course is for those who have little or no knowledge of recordkeeping systems. The main objectives were to provide an understanding of basic recordkeeping and to show how to get started setting up a simple financial recordkeeping system. The tutorial was created using the web-based course authoring tool UDUTU and included two modules with interactive learning activities.

How The Artifact Demonstrates The Standard

Two learning theories were influential in the development of this tutorial: 1) Malcolm Knowles’ theory of adult learning and 2) Gagne’s Nine Events of Instructional Learning. Knowles' assumption of the fundamental characteristics of the adult learner influenced the learning strategies applied in the lessons. I used real world examples to help the adult learners visualize how the course can be adapted to their own businesses. I added self-assessment questions with feedback to allow them to be part of the learning process. I also included exercises at the end of the lessons as “do something” activities to allow the learners to apply what they just learned. The design of the tutorial followed Gagne’s Nine Events of Instructional Learning. Images and graphics were used to gain attention. Learning objectives were added at the beginning of each module to create the expectation of learning. Some lesson contents were added to encourage learner recall of previously learned concepts and examples were included to provide guidance. Exercises and interactive quizzes with feedback were also added for practice and assessment. For support, resources such as books and websites were included.       

Challenges and Opportunities

It was challenging to design lessons and learning activities for the adult learner. I had to make sure the contents are immediately relevant and meaningful to their business. Although the assumption is that adult learners are self-directed, I realized during the testing phase that I had to consider their wide range of background and accommodate their different levels of experience especially in using technology such as computers.

What I Learned

I learned that for most adults, the immediate application of what they learned is more important than the knowledge (content) itself. They already have an expectation of what they want to learn therefore it is crucial to show the value of the lessons and how these would be beneficial to their jobs or businesses.  Technology-based instruction is an excellent learning environment for them because it can easily accommodate their special characteristics as learners.  

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